List of speciesEdit

Image Name From... Note
4-Leaf Clover Pegacorn

A still image of a 4-leaf clover pegacorn.

4-Leaf Clover Pegacorn FarmVille None
4th Birthday Bedazzled Foal

A still image of a 4th birthday bedazzled foal.

4th Birthday Bedazzled Foal FarmVille None

An aerolurodon, wandering around in the plains of Russia, which is the part of the Russian SFSR, in the Soviet Union.

Aelurodon Miocene North America They are now domesticated after their revival.

An aepycamelus and its offspring, waiting for a resident in Colorado to move to his destination.

Aepycamelus Miocene North America They are now used to ride throughout North America's deserts, like camels in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.

An artist's impression of an aguascalientia on a forest in North America.

Aguascalientia Miocene North America They are now used to ride throughout North America's deserts, like camels in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.

A creeper, Lake Lir Schoettmer, wandering around in the mountains.

Creeper Minecraft Unlike their ancestors, they are no longer aggressive, nor they can blow themselves up (unless they're females).

Two Ganados, Ferrnando Ordoñes (left), and his neighbor and friend, Diego de Soria (right), ready to defend their hometown against a vampire invasion, three hours before French and Spanish militaries were being called by Ganado villages as reinforcements during the Vampire War of the Iberian Peninsula.

Ganado Resident Evil 4 They are now friendly towards humans, dylanuses, and almost all other sapient beings, and they now welcome any outsiders of any species except vampires. Also, their heads won't be able to burst out to reveal the Plagas parasite, even at night, neither they do swear (or said Spanish bad words). Also, they had Ganado children as well.
Living Pig-a-Chu

Two living pig-a-chus, before being fed with a pink-colored bread.

Living Pig-a-Chu BreadTalk Philippines Since they are now living, they can bleed out barbecue sauce instead of blood, in case they had a wound. Also, their flesh should be made out of pork ribs. Also, Filipinos has an alternative of dinugguan, which is made out of pig-a-chu barbecue sauce instead of a real pig's blood, which the Iglesia ni Cristo would accept this. Also, pig-a-chus were hunted by ancient Filipinos, and then domesticated by Spanish colonists, thus this one is raised up to today for food by modern Filipinos.
Living Pig Sisig Bun

A living pig sisig bun, shortly before going to sleep at night.

Living Pig Sisig Bun BreadTalk Philippines Since they are now living, they were hunted by ancient Filipinos for years, and also were all domesticated during Spanish contact with the Philippines.
Nazi Zombie

A group of Nazi zombies, being prepared to attack a vampire horde.

Nazi Zombie Call of Duty Unlike their ancestors, they are no longer aggressive, nor they are not reviving fascism, or Nazism.
Paper Dinosaur

A young paper dinosaur, after suffering a paper cut, but is being treated by three Powerpuff persons.

Paper Dinosaur The Powerpuff Girls ("Secret Swapper of Doom") Unlike that paper dinosaur, they will no longer tell secrets of people, and also, would no longer be villains. Also, there are female versions of them as well.
Plant-Eating Zombie

A plant-eating zombie, Timoetei Ximeno Maria (right), holding a no breathing contest with his Wall-Nut friend, Yaa Theodosia Janowski (left), at night.

Plant-Eating Zombie Plants vs. Zombies Unlike their ancestors, they will no longer eat people's brains, neither they eat plants from Plants vs. Zombies, so they now eat real-life plants and human food, since they find out they're much more delicious and tastier. Also, they are now friendly to most races, except for vampires.
Purple Cow

A still image of a purple cow.

Purple Cow Farmville None
Rusty Rivets Bits

The Rusty Rivets bits, playing with their masters.

Rusty Rivets Bits Rusty Rivets ("Bits on the Fritz") Unlike the cloned bits from a Rusty Rivets episode, Bits on the Fritz.
South Parker

A South Parker living in Germany, Nala Aiden (right), and a Wendy Testaburger clone, Wendyel Testaburgerenkov (left), shocked about the news about the vampire attack in the Imperium Vampirus-Romanian demilitarized zone via online, while Nala was on her vacation in Novo Leningrad, the capital city of the Cartoon Girl Clone Union.

South Parker South Park Unlike most characters from South Park, they no longer swear (or say bad words anymore).

A bunch of SpongeBob clones, going to work at a Krusty Krab branch in Kailua.

SpongeBoboid SpongeBob SquarePants ("CopyBob DittoPants") They now have houses that look like food, and can now act as same as what SpongeBob SquarePants always do.
Woolly Mammoth

A woolly mammoth, wandering around in the plains.

Woolly Mammoth Pleistocene Northern Hempshire Since their revival, they are now domesticated by giants, and later, humans, to prevent extinction, for ivory (which is actually legal due to domestication), meat and milk.