Since (almost) all known vampire subspecies that originated from films, TV series, and some other series, other than Twilight vampires and Japanese animean vampires (Seraph of the End/Owari no Seraph) are effected by religious items, all of these items shown here are recommended for protection against vampires.

The real life vampire disaster (1970s-today) is an event that occurred due to vampires being accidentally brought from many universes by humans. There were no native supernatural creatures in real life and when people invented universe travel and brought vampires to real life, the vampires spread out of control due to lack of enemies such as vampire hunter experts and some others. Vampires are also listed as one of the 100 worst invasive species on earth

The negative impact to real life earth the vampires have includes competition for food with the American killer dylanuses and the Madagascar giant dylanus, some predatory bear species (such as some populations of polar bears), big cat species (such as occasional lions), and some other predators, not only that, but they can also drink the blood of humans, wild dylanuses, and domestic dylanuses and turning them to vampires, becoming either one subspecies of vampire depending on what vampires attacked them (either Van Helsing vampires, Dark Shadows vampires, etc.).

In July 5, 2011, this disaster has soon intensified into the Vampire Wars (later known as World War IV after World War III), because there's an attack in the province of Rizal when the so-called bonggambies (or a family who were from this commercial, who were now dressed up in their formal wear from that commercial shortly thereafter eating those rocky road, double Dutch and cookies and cream-flavored ice creams) attacked all of Rizal, infected Pokwang into the Queen of Bonggambie, and then sieged Antipolo City, and then turned all of Rizal into Imperyong Bonggania, thus the Vampire Wars has been officially started by the United Nations.

List of vampire subspecies that were successfully introduced to real life earthEdit

American/European vampiresEdit

  • Highgate vampire from English mythologies and hoax to real life North America (note: they are one of the shiest of the vampire subspecies and the easiest to avoid, since they prefer to be in cemeteries, abandoned castles, and abandoned churches to make them into their vampire lairs [homes], this is what most male Highgate vampires look like while females resemble Dracula 1930's female vampires)

Chinese/Japanese vampires and relativesEdit

Other Vampire SubspeciesEdit

How to remove vampires and/or survive from vampire encountersEdit

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of vampires in your house or an area you live in. According to where they originally were native to, you can remove any vampires with garlic, silver, crosses/crucifixes, holy waters, wooden/silver stakes, and werewolves (for Van Helsing vampires only).

Another way on surviving from vampire is that (according to the series they originally came from) if you don't invited the vampires into your house or building of any kind, the vampires can't get in. But that doesn't always work on some species, for example, Japanese animean vampires will always come after you, even if you didn't invite them into your shelter (home, etc).

If the vampire or groups of vampires are in an area, it is highly recommended that the warning signs about vampires (like the ones in the bottom of the article) being in an area should be installed so anyone can know about the possible danger in that area and the people will leave that area alone so they're less likely to get attacked by a vampire and become vampires themselves.

Another way to keep vampires out (other than anti-vampire weapons) is by letting vampires know that they aren't invited by putting up signs including "no vampires allowed" signs to keep vampires out of places like homes, schools, zoos, theme parks, etc.