The Grand Themistocles is the first and magical, but hi-tech ecumonopolis on Earth, and the capital of the United Federation of Earth, located in Odaiba, a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan, across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. It is based of the same name, which was, an elegant penthouse that held The Characters: A Celebration of the Imagination It was built by the guests of The Characters: A Celebration of the Imagination, who were still wearing their formal wear that they wear during the TV special, but also adds hard hats, reflectorized vests, IDs, goggles, tool belts, clear glasses, respirators, full-body harnesses, working gloves and safety boots, to their formal outfits.

Inside the city, you'll find that one of the residents are lots of people of different species, like fairies, mermaids, princesses, or pirates, BUT like mostly are common humans.


The Grand Themistoclesl is designed with a pirate ship, a spaceship, a sheriff's office, a royal castle, a mermaid's cove, a marine sciene lab, a superhero's secret lair, a sorcerer's lair, a giant hollow log, a tree similar to Pixie Hollow's tree, and a miixture of the world's architecure (including native ones). The entrance to the ecumonopolis is crystal rainbow colored with countless windows, little towers, and lots of colorful stain glassed greenhouses.



On December 24, 2017, a day before ChristmasThe Characters: A Celebration of the Imagination has first premiered around the world, showing that Mike the Microphone described it was jam-packed with all characters from all ages, except those who couldn't make it.


Opus CollegiumEdit

Opus Collegium is a big, magical school that is, just like the Disney Junior Elementary School, a half elementary, half middle school, half high school, half college/university, half graduate school, half adult education center.