"War. War never changes. When I was a kid, whenever I'd feel small or lonely, I'd look up at dimensions. Wondered if there was malevolent creatures up there. Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction. When malevolent creatures entered our world, it was from a universal travel machine in Marysville. A fissure between two fictional dimensions. A portal between worlds. The vampires. I was fifteen when the first major vampire attack happened in Transylvania. By the time soldiers, tanks, jets, missiles, and the Martial Arts Kids stopped their invasion, six days and 35 miles, or 56.33 kilometers later, far from Transylvania, half of Romania was destroyed. Tens of thousands of lives were lost. We mourned our dead, memorialized the attack, and moved on. And then, only six months later, the second attack hit San Francisco and its three cities, and the third one hit Manila six months later. Then the fourth one hit Cabo. And then the fifth. And then we learned this was not gonna stop. This was just the beginning. We needed a new weapon. All the sapient species on Earth and its colonies came together, pooling all of it's resources and throwing aside all old rivalries for the sake of the even more greater good. To fight horrific creatures, we created horrific creatures of our own. The Vampire Hunter program was born. There were setbacks at first - all kinds of normal weapons are proven too much for killing a vampire. A new armory has been implemented, the usage of sunlight, silver weapons, religious objects, garlic, and stakes. We started winning, Sapient species stopping vampires everywhere. But the vampire hunters were only as good as all of us sapient species ourselves. So vampire hunters turned into rock stars, danger turned into propaganda, vampires into toys. We got really good at it... winning. Then... then it all changed."

--John Eckhart

World War IV

A US soldier, Ed Johnson, raising his rifle to kill a vampire, which can be seen in night vision during World War IV. This picture takes place on February 9, 2031, and located in the grasslands of the US state of Tennessee.

World War IV (sometimes known as the Vampire Wars, even after there are non-vampire allies) is a war that is ongoing, which it started on July 5th, 2011, and has been continued as also, the part of the aftermath of World War III. In days after that previous war, the dragons, bonggambies and their allies came together to fight the other sapient species, then this this was called World War IV, and will be the second plan for all sapient species to defeat vampires. Due to using futuristic, modern and historical weapons and armors, it is one of the biggest and greatest multi-species, multiracial war ever to have occured, being much bigger than the past previous worldwide wars, including World War I, World War IIWorld War III, and more, all combined together in one piece of this war) is the multiversal war also. Unlike in World War III, CaliforniaSwitzerland, and many neutral countries, are all involved in this war together in an effort to defeat the vampires.

On Monday, July 5th, 2011 (the date where this bloody conflict started), when the bongganitis disaster infected all of Rizal's residents who didn't evacuate or flee underground, they established the Imperyong Bonggania and attacked its neighbors, the former US President Barack Obama told the world that the Vampire Wars (later called World War IV) has begun as a response that the former Philippine president Noynoy Aquino III told the Filipino people to pray and mourn the loss of the Rizal Province to the bonggambies, and told the Philippine National Police and the Philippined Armed Forces to strike back and bring back Rizal Province, and also, he also annexed Sabah and Sulawesi as provinces via purchase from Indonesia and Malaysia, thus the Vampire Wars began to erupt, before it was being called World War IV.

While most of its battles take place at night with most of vampires subspecies crawling at that time, plentiful of battles can also take place by day, where vampire subspecies that are immune to sunlight (like Twilight vampires), bonggambies (one of the only vampire subspecies that are immune to sunlight), dragons and their allies can fight with all sapient species at that other time as well.

International Treaty Organization of Sapient Species (ITOSS) (Allies)Edit

Full MembersEdit

Support (Full Member Species)Edit

  • Al-Qaeda
  • All companies on Earth
  • All presidential families
  • All royal families

Support (Observer Member Species)Edit

Vampiric Alliance (Enemies)Edit

This alliance hates the International Treaty Organization of Sapient Species, knowing that that alliance is evil.




Both Godzilla and Gamera are not supporting vampires, but only their opponent kaijus, especially the Kaijus from Pacific Rim are only evil, supporting vampires.


Notable BattlesEdit


We don't know the exact aftermath of this war, but it is estimated that this war might end somewhere in 2040s-2050s, as said by US president President Hillary Clinton. We don't know exactly what will happen if either the allies (or the International Treaty Organization of Sapient Species) or an alliance of vampires, dragons, bonggambies and their allies (or the Vampiric Alliance) won, but here are some of the possible aftermath predictions.

If the Internation Treaty Organization of Sapient Species (or the allies) wonEdit

  • Humans, dylanusids, and other sapient species/beings will no longer have to worry about vampires, dragons, whales and bonggambies.
  • Populations of vampires, dragons, and bonggambies will either have to be controlled by humans, dylanusids, and other sapient species/beings (if they don't stop hunting humans, dylanusids, or other sapient species/beings), and then the vampires, dragons and bonggambies will have to become friendly and peaceful towards all sapient species. So therefore, all sapient and semi-sapient species/beings will live peacefully together, and thus the United Feration of Earth's goals would have been completed.
  • Vampires, dragons, and bonggambies will stop hunting humans, dylanusids, and other sapient species/beings as the vampires and dragons must realize that they are immortal and don't need to feed, while bonggambies will have to be part of the zombie family, and with tthem being cousins to vampires, and they don't need to infect people.
  • Dragon languages will reach total sapience, speaking the dragon language (Dovahzul) and other languages.
  • Vampires, dragons and bonggambies will join the International Treaty Organization of Sapient Species and the League of Hostile Species.
  • Vampires, dragons, bonggambies and their allies will be grounded and punished by the government forces and all other sapient species for crimes against the universe with no video games, no iPads, no iPhones, no iPads, no listening to iTunes, no teen-oriented shows, no teen-oriented movies and no teen-oriented activites, will have to watch only preschool shows and cartoons (especially watching Disney Junior, PBS Kids, Sprout, Nick Jr., and other preschool channels), and will not make fun of educational TV shows, and they will also have to go to schools everyday including Saturday and Sunday, and even holidays and disasters, and will have to go to summer school as punishment for only a time being for enslaving the preschoolers until Earth Peace Treaty is enacted, failing their tests, quizzes, projects and book reports, report cards and going out without their parents' permission and throwing parties every night, but if the Earth Peace Treaty is enacted, they will be free, and now live in peace with the other species.
  • The United States and the Soviet Union will not increase their tensions and become "best friend countries forever."
  • The Preschooler Federation and the Cartoon Girl Clone Union will end the Southern Hemispheric Cold War, and become peaceful.
  • Communist regimes in AlbaniaAngola, BeninBulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Romania and Somalia will end, and will be like the United States and other non-communist countries, leaving several communist countries, like the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China and the Socialist Union of the Cartoon Girl Clone Nations, left behind as remaining communist countries, but to keep socialism and remain members of the International Order of Socialist States, even if they're not really communist states in the forcible future.
  • The Loud Family and the Catholic Empire of Loudsinia will admit to the United Federation of Earth that they have done Catholic supremacy, and thus starting a secular state, implementing socialist policies, and will be a constitutional monarchy, allowing it to enter the Organization of Ameican States.
  • The East Asian Federation will implement socialist policies while keeping its capitalist policies in it.
  • Both the Winslow Accord and the Common Defense Pact will be broken up, and all their member nations would peacefully end fighting.
  • The Second Cold War will end peacefully.
  • Terrorism from the Middle East and other countries, especially crime around the world, will end and be gone permanently, and Crusades are not needed anymore.
  • Indigenous peoples will have a golden age for each of them.
  • The Sentinelese tribe will welcome outsiders to their island rather than killing them who transpasses there.
  • All extinct creatures, known and unknown to man, will be revived.
  • The Earth Peace Treaty will be enacted to prevent future wars, attacks, etc from other species/beings on the United Federation of Earth's territories.
  • The United Federation of Earth would continue conquering planets, gallaxies, universes and dimensions peacefully, or if declined a peaceful annexation, with wars.
  • They'll also prepare for the time when the Successors open the Anti-Breach again to have another wave of vampires coming in, and also, to do their best to prepare for another hypothetical vampire war.
  • The Grand Themistocles would be expanded to have it as a memorial to World War VI's dead veterans of both sides.
  • New Jerusalem will be completed in an instant, making it and the Grand Themistocles a joint capital of the United Federation of Earth.
  • Tamagotchis, anime teenages and Hilderons, including their allies will submit to the international community, apologize to the whole world, and realize that they have a lot of mistakes they have done during World War III.
  • A few thousands of population of Europe will return to their pre-Christian religious ways, and make them as official religions.
  • Statues of World War III and World War IV/Vampire Wars war heroes will be erected in all of the places on Earth.
  • Introduced species from North America and the Soviet Union will be introduced to the rest of the world, and the universe.

If the Vampiric Alliance wonEdit

  • Vampires, dragons, bonggambies, and their allies will enslave humans and other sapient species, as well as both American common dylanuses and domestic dylanuses, and then whip them with jump ropes, being hit and punched, kicked and tripped over, treating the humans and dylanuses as livestock, or making them do their chores and/or do their work. The vampires, dragons and bonggambies will also farm both humans and dylanuses (except the ones who suppored the Vampiric Alliance) to mainly to turn them into vampires and/or bonggambies and sometimes to drink their blood (for vampires) or eat their flesh (for bonggambies).
  • Like anime teenagers during World War III, it will be the vampires' and bonggambies' turn (including that it'll be their allies turn also) to hang out and drive in cars so they can go to beaches, amusement parks, carnivals and fairs, and even partying at their houses everynight, especially watching teen-oriented shows as well, like Cartoon Network, FRED: The Movie, FRED: The Show, MAD, Secret Fort Mt. Awesome, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Zoey 101, Victorious, iCarly, Just Jordan, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Ed, Edd n Eddy, 2 Stupid Dogs, Cow and Chicken, TeenNick, and more teen-oriented shows on TV inside, especially vampire-themed movies and shows as well.
  • Many (if not all) non-human-type and non-dylanus-type sapient species/beings will have to leave Earth, even their terrotiries, due to the vampire takeover on Earth, especially their territories.
  • Earth will be renamed to planet Dracule due to vampires being the new rulers of this planet, while they also allow dragons, bonggambies, terrorists, and their allies to live peacefully with vampires.
  • Vampires, dragons, bonggambies and terrorist organizations will replace many of the man-made modern buildings by Gothic castles for vampires, have a lot of dragon hatcheries, replace many of the poor houses with richer villas and mansions, with many objects like beds being replaced by coffins for example.
  • Vampires will develop the cure against sunlight, silver, religious objects, garlic, and stakes, being a modified virus which helps protect all vampire subspecies against the sunlight, stakes, silver, garlic, and religious objects, so vampires will never be killed and never die (except for non-silver melee weapons, guns, arrows, etc. that are not like those, especially nuclear bombs).
  • Dragons will develop the cure against magic swords, dragon shouts and religious objects, being a modified virus which helps protect all dragon subspecies against them, so dragons will never be killed and never die (except for guns, arrows, etc. that are not like those, especially nuclear bombs.)
  • World nations will go back to resorting into nuclear weapons.
  • Rebellions against vampire rule could be initiated and very frequent, unless if vampires, dragons, bonggambies, and their allies outlaw this kind of rebellion.
  • Any leader species, like Jaeger pilots, Miraculous Holders, child soldiers, Martial Arts Kids and the Children Army, including the highest-ranking generals of the United Federation of Earth, like Stacker Pentecost, could be captured and/or arrested for crimes against vampires, dragons, bonggambies and their allies.
  • Anime teenagers, Tamagotchis, Hilderons and their allied species from World War III will return to their old ways in the World War III years.
  • The Common Defense Pact nations became fully-recognized allies with the Imperium Vampirus.
  • All teenager heroes will be enslaved again by anime teenagers and Tamagotchis, and with the help of vampires.
  • Just like what he do in the Terminator film series, John Connor will be chosen as the leader of a possible anti-vampire resistance.
  • The International Treaty Organization of Sapient Species would try to use a time machine to prevent a vampiric victory.


  • All non-vampiric hostile species, due to having their mostly failed diabolical intentions in their franchise, and since their evil deeds are just fiction, will have the most heroic actions they will have.